The Nice Snack

The full and irresistible selection of tasty snack are perfect for animate the party and happy hour; they offer to guests varied finger food, because they are attractive for many type of salad appetizers to mix with fantasy.

Anacardi Tostati Salati

Pistacchi Tostati Salati

Semi di zucca Salati

Mais Tostato Salato

Lupini Salati confezione sottovuoto

Arachidi Saporite (Papeete)

Ceci Tostati

Rice Crackers

Snack Mexicano's

Snack Japan Eldorado Mix

Arachidi Tostate Salate

Arachidi Tostate maxi formato

Arachidi Tostate Salate in lattina

Arachidi in Guscio Tostate

Coni di Mais

Tegolini al gusto Paprika