E. Montanaro S.p.A.

La Montanara offre da sempre la più ampia varietà di frutta secca lavorata con intensa passione e maturata maestria. Da sempre l’azienda seleziona prodotti di prima scelta e fornisce durante tutto l’anno la migliore frutta di stagione.


La Montanara

Our History


Foundation: the company “ La Montanara” was founded in 1931 by Ernesto Montanaro, that opening a store in the port area of Naples.

Start dates processing

In the same year the company decide to expand his horizons, and the company starts working and export of dates.

Second generation

In the 1950 came in the company the firstborn, Gennaro, men’s creative and of success that drove the company to the foreign markets.

Opening Cilento and Sava factories

The 1955 is a very important year for the montanara’s company. Gennaro, with the help of the brothers Giuseppe, Eduardo and Vittorio, decide to invest in new production sites in Cilento and in Sava too; these are production areas when from centuries are cured and grow figs by Italian tradition.

Opening factory (establishment) in Naples

In 1970 the company , after a years of success and after the expansion to the market of dried fruit, open the plant in S. Antimo with 20000 mq., where 12000 mq. are a current headquarters.

Extention of product range

In 1980 the montanara’s company, after some years of experience, extend it’s product range and insert the fresh product: the coconuts.

The third generation

In 1985 is a year that came in a company the third generation of the Montanaro’s family. The cousins, Ernesto senior, Ernesto junior and Maurizio, continued the management and the expansion of the activity that still now they direct with passion and love.

Modernization of production sites

In 1998 the company decide to renovate the three production areas: Cilento, Sava and S. Antimo, implementing structural investments and improving the productivity with new techniques.

Certification SGS

In 2000 La Montanara’s company get the sgs certification that guarantee the services and products that the company offers, satisfying the national and international standard.

Input four generation

In 2012 is a year that the four generation came in Montanaro’s company, innovating the image of that and opening with success a first store in the heart of city in Naples.

Opening of the second store

In 2015 La Montanara decided to strengthen its presence in the Campania region by opening a second store in the heart of Vomero , Via Cimarosa , offering the entire chain of wellness products and taste which for years delight the palate of its customers .